Entry #1

hello, i'm an eclectic music fan and composer

2017-02-07 07:25:23 by SONIC-MIRE

eclectic music otaku, i wanna become well known composer in the future, i compose a lot of alternative music in general. my motto is: coffee, liquorice and black n roll!


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2017-02-07 07:27:25

i also know a bunch about jazz music theory but not much of the practical stuff, i'm weird. :P


2017-02-07 12:52:12

Welcome to Newgrounds!

Since you make music, make sure to check out the rules when it comes to submitting music!


Also, we have an Audio forum, where you can talk with other musicians and share your music. Feel free to check it out!


Good luck with your future endeavors! :) I hope you have fun being a musician here!

SONIC-MIRE responds:

i will check it out when ready. :)